Please read and understand the following before applying for a puppy or dog

  • I am very selective with whom and where my Puppies and Dogs are homed.
  • Please fill out the following form completely in order to be considered.
  • Entry fields marked with an ASTERISK (*) must be filled-in in order to send this form.
  • Visitation and inspection of my facilities by appointment only. Please call ahead.

Family Information:​

How many adults live in your home?*
Ages and relationships?*
Are there any children (please note their ages)?*
Are you planning to have children in the next few years?:*
What activities do you and your family enjoy in your spare time?*
Do all members of the family want to get a puppy?*
Is the puppy going to be a surprise for anyone in the family (if so, explain)?*
Do any family members have allergies to dogs?*
Who will be the primary care giver for your puppy?*
Have you ever owned a dog before?*
If yes, what happened to that dog(s)?
Have you ever owned a malamute before?*
If yes, what happened to that malamute(s)?
If yes, where did you acquire the malamute?
Have you ever given a dog away, re-homed a dog, or taken one to the shelter?*
If yes, please explain:
If your family circumstances change (i.e. new baby, change of residence or job) what will happen to your dog? *
Do you currently own any other pets?*
If yes, please provide number of animals in each category:
Do you have a veterinarian?*
If yes, please provide name, address and phone number:

Housing Information:​

In what type of home do you live?*
Do you own or rent your home?*
If renting, do you have permission to have a dog the size of an adult Malamute?
If renting, Please list the Landlord's name and address:
Do you have a yard?*
If so, how large?
Is your yard fenced? Please describe:*
If not, would you be willing to build a secure run for the puppy or enclose an area of the yard for him/her?
Do you have a swimming pool? (i.e. is it fenced from the rest of the yard?)*
If you do not have a yard, how do you plan to housebreak and exercise your dog?

Puppy/Dog Information:​

Why have you decided to buy an Alaskan Malamute?*
Are you aware of health problems which may affect an Alaskan Malamute, and the screens performed on breeding animals?*
Are you aware that malamutes are not normally barkers, but they are chewers and diggers, especially if left for extended periods of time?*
How do you feel about a dog that sheds moderately twice each year?*
What sex are you looking for X?*
Where will the dog live? (i.e. inside, outside, kennel, etc.)*
Is anyone home during the day?*
If Yes, Who?
How many hours on average will the dog spend alone?*
Where will your puppy spend time when no one is at home?*
Where will the puppy stay if you go out of town?*
Where will the puppy sleep at night?*
Are you planning to take the puppy to obedience classes?*
If Yes, Where?
Have you completed any AKC titles on any other dogs?*
If yes, when and what titles?
Have you ever bred a dog/dogs before?*
If Yes, please elaborate:
Do you have other show puppies?*
If yes, please elaborate with breeder and registered names:
How did you hear about Banshee Malamutes?*

   To promote responsible breeding, all of my puppies/dogs are sold on a Limited Registration and spay/neuter basis, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Limited Registration means that the puppy is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club and can compete in agility, obedience, and most other malamute related competitions, but NOT in conformation competition.  Any offspring produced by the dog would not be able to be registered with the AKC.

   Since some puppies purchased from Banshee Malamutes are purchased as companion dogs by owners who have no interest in breeding or showing, limited registration has no bearing on these dogs or their owner. Should an owner decide to become involved in breeding/showing in the future, and the dog is deemed to be breeding and/or "show quality", the option for Banshee Malamutes to reverse the registration and allow full registration is available.

After completing this Puppy/Dog Application Form, do you have any additional questions about the way I raise dogs, my expectant bitches, or anything else, please ask that here:
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